Romex Australia
Est. 1983


Barriers, Auto Pay Machines


Signs, Small to Large


Contactless readers


Sun tracking arrays
  • 24 Hr support

    Romex provides 24 hr support with quick response to reduce down time and increase customer satisfaction

  • Reporting

    Romex provides an array of custom reports to help monitor any aspect of the system. We can help improve efficiency, save time and costs

  • Contact

    15 Kitchener Avenue
    Burswood WA 6100
    ph : +61 08 94705823
    fax : +61 08 94701295

  • Analysis

    In addition to the reports, software can be easily customised to automate and optimize all operations

  • Apps

    Romex is developing state of the art applications for android and iphone to allow payments anytime, anywhere.

  • Anywhere access

    Romex systems can be controlled from any device, without installing cumbersome software. Allowing maximum convinience and speed.

Car Park Bay Sensors
System Integrated with Bay Timing and Area Counters

Solar array tracking for commercial and domestic applications

Tracking the sun, in three minute intervals, can double the efficiency of solar panels. Free standing arrays provide maximum cooling to any solar panel. Solar panel performance increases dramatically at lower temperatures.